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It's Nice to Meet You

We are so much more than a building, we are a community, we are support, we are friends, we are family, we are celebration, we are grief, we are acceptance and we are what you need us to be.

A Few Highlights

2024 Members
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Being a Member Means Being Family

The more members we have, the larger our family becomes. We enjoy getting to know each and every one of you.

You also get discounts on programs and rentals!
2023 Program Attendance
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We Have Something For You!

Programs have more than doubled in attendance in 5 years. We want our community to stay active and healthy, that begins today...with you.
2023 Meals Served
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Enjoy Lunch Delivered or Join Us!

An affordable, healthy, home made meal made just for you. You can have a meal delivered or join us for lunch and meet new people. Who wants to eat alone?

Our Values


We want everyone who calls or enters our building to know they are valued.


We want EVERYONE to know they belong.

Community Focused

We want to better serve our communities by listening and making things happen.

Humour and Fun

We recognize the importance of laughter and not always being serious.

From October 15th to January 15th take advantage of our Early Bird pricing

Get/Renew Your Memberships Today


We're always happy to answer your questions.

Anyone can join at any age. Our programs are for all ages and all abilities.

Memberships are valid until December 31 of the year.

You receive discounts on rentals, program costs are lower and you have voting rights at our Annual General Meeting. Most importantly, you become a member of the PPALC family and support us in making your future healthier and happier!

Memberships are $25 from October 15-January 15 and then $30 after that. There are no group or family rates

Absolutely, just let the volunteer at the front desk know and he/she will make sure you have a chance to do that.

Yes you can, you just have to pay more for programs.

You look for a book/puzzle and take it, let the volunteer at the front desk know you are taking it. Return when finished with it or give to someone else who wants it.

Call ahead and talk to the program coordinator and we will see if there is a different day, or someone else who would be interested in joining you.

Coffee is always complimentary, although we take donations to help purchase more coffee! Cookies are usually available as well.

Depending on your comfort level you can just join and let them know or call ahead and talk to the Program Coordinator or Executive Director to arrange to have someone guide you.