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Pancake Breakfast

Thursday, February 29th

Closed February 19th

We will be closed Monday, February 19th. Enjoy the day off and we shall see you the day after for regular programming.

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The Mission of Serving Senior’s Inc. is to provide a community focal point for the community by offering services, programs and activities that encompass the physical, social, cultural, intellectual and emotional well-being of all community members, while focusing on Seniors supports. 

A volunteer board of directors oversee 6 separate programs:
1- Pat Porter Active Living Centre
2- Circle of Friends: Adult Day Program
3- Community Resources
4- Steinbach Meal Program
5- Grunthal Meal Program
6- Steinbach Accessible Transit

Benefits of Having an Active Living Centre

Ensure all people have the knowledge, access and awareness of the importance of healthy living and be aware that aging doesn’t start at 65.

Fit and healthy people live longer, remain in their homes longer and participate more fully in life thus not requiring as much health and medical supports.

Contribution to the community in a person’s leisure time brings meaning to life and provides value to the community.

Community involvement reduces alienation and loneliness.

Physical and mental health achieved through recreation and balanced, meaning lifestyles reduces expensive health care costs.

A physically active and fit person is able to remain in the community longer, caring for one’s self.



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